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Noah’s Ark


Where is the ark of Noah?

About 120-150 years ago an old man found a scoer huge box on Ararat which was very similar to an ark, but he even did not thought about the Noah’s Ark.
The man was a shaperd and he did not go to school. In Muslims opinion Noah’s Ark is not on the Ararat, so he even did not thought about the ark.

Later, when people are understood this man was very old. His name is Gur Heso. Later this man dead in the first world war. When they fighted with Russians.
He was hurted 3 times later he become like a hero.

Some local nomad people call the this area as a Noah’s crater. Old nomad people always tell about this story and i wanted to share those infos with people in my website who is interested with searching of Noah’s Ark.
The second info; at 2005 at the slopes of Ararat had a very big explotation and alot of water came from there. The water came about 2 hours. Because of this water alot of animals has dead.
The nomads found some kind of woods in the water and they think that it is comes from the Noah’s Ark.

Who will find the Ark ?
How can find the Ark ?

In my opinion the sheaperds can find or people who is very interesting to search of Ark  can find it .
The Christines can find the ark because in Islam Noahs ark on the other hill .

But i belive if pressional people come and search for Ark all around the Ararat in 1 month it can be find.
Everybody must know the real land of all humanty is Mount Ararat where the Noah’s Ark rested, 4990 BC.
I hope 1 day Noah’s ark will be found because all of us comes from the Noah’s and his Ark.World created 1 more time .
If i wil have news about Noah’s Ark i will share with you in my website : www.mountararattour.comWeather on Ararat

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The temprature on Camp 2 usually getting very cold after the sunset. You may need to have good sleepingbags.
On the first camp there is usually hot weather and at nigth it is not very cold.
You will need to have good glaves, Jackets and pants to be able to climb the summit.