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Some people in the world are doing a lot of research to find Noah’s ark. But Noah’s Ark divides people into two according to religious beliefs. People of Muslim faith say that the Ark of Noah is on Mount Judi. Christians believe that Noah’s Ark is on Mount Ararat. The Qur ‘an, the Muslim religious book, says that Noah’s Ark is on Mount Judi. But the Christian religious book, the Bible, says that Noah’s Ark was on Mount Ararat. I was born Nursin CEYLAN in 1985 in the village of Çevirme at the foot of Mount Ararat. Since all the people living on Mount Ararat are Muslims, no one is looking for Noah’s Ark here on Mount Ararat. But some people who are Christians are coming. They are doing research for Noah’s Ark at or around the summit of Mount Ararat. For example, an American woman named Mary DOERFLEIN used to come to Mount Ararat for about 12 years and more than 12 times and met me. We went to Mount Ararat once with Mary, but Mary couldn’t travel much because she was too old. She was 83. Then one day in 2016, Mary called me and said she was very sick. She said her disease was skin cancer. Two weeks later, Mary’s friend called me and said that Mary had passed away. I’m sorry to hear that, but if Mary hadn’t been so old and if she hadn’t died, maybe she would have found Noah’s Ark. Mary was determined to find Noah’s Ark. Those who want to come to Mount Ararat to search for or find Noah’s Ark can reach me at the address below. I will do my best. I’ll give you the information you need about the mountain and the ship. I was also born and raised on Mount Ararat. I know all about Mount Ararat.

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