Ararat Mountain Program

We take our customers to the airport with a private vehicle, head towards Doğubeyazıt district and accommodate the group at the hotel.
After listening for a while in the group room, we eat local village food and drink tea at a private restaurant with the group. Some of them wander around the city center until the late hours of the evening, and some of them rest at the hotel.
On the second day, after having breakfast at the hotel in the morning, we go to the çlama village again by private vehicle. The village is 2200 MT high and here we give all our equipment to the horses and move towards the first camp.
After walking about 8 kilometers, we arrive at the first camp.
We arrive at the first camp after walking for about 4 hours for 3200 TL. When we arrive at the camp, our cook prepares everything and the group drinks tea and hot water in the tent in the private kitchen.
After having dinner, anyone can sleep in their own tent or chat in the kitchen tent.
On the third day, after having breakfast at the camp, we go to the second KAP, that is, 4200 meters, to get used to the weather. After listening there for about an hour, we go down to the first camp, 3200 meters, with the local guide.
We rest at the same camp at 3200 meters at night.