Sixth Day

After having breakfast in the morning, after preparing all our materials and giving all our materials to the horses, we go down with the group. After about a 3-hour walk, we go down to where there is a 2200 MT car and receive our bags and equipment and go down to the city center. After about an hour, we arrive at the hotel. We have a bath at the hotel. After having dinner at a nice restaurant in the city center, we wander around the city center and visit the Ihsakpasa Palace and the old Doğubayazıt Castle. In the evening, we settle back into the hotel.
On the seventh day, after having breakfast at the hotel, we set off for the airport again by private vehicle, drop your group off at the airport and say goodbye to the group.
We always serve our customers. The company or guide that works for us always works with us because of our service. Our thought is, first of all, the life safety and satisfaction of our customers. We always help people. We have been serving tourists from every country on Mount Ararat for about 20 years.
People, animals, profit and nature are very important to us. People should always respect each other and people should always take care of animals. People should always take care of nature. People should always take care of trees and plants and nature.
we should always pay attention to this because it is our duty because we are human
And this is how